Scholastic Schedule

 Pre Primary – Middle School:

At SVS, Our Scholastic schedule includes everything we do inside the classroom.  Our perspective on education, reflected in our curriculum, is that we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire. No school can possibly teach everything that there is to be learned. Thus, we endeavor to teach students to “learn how to learn” and most importantly to love learning as a passionate pursuit in and of itself.

Tentative Scholastic schedule For AY 2017-18 
Month Date Day Scholastic Schedule
June 27th to 3rd July Tue – Mon Periodical Test- 1 (Gr I – VIII)
July 4th – 10th Fri – Mon I Term Evaluation PP1 & PP2
July 8th Sat PTM 1 for Gr V – VIII
July 15th Sat PTM 2 for Gr PP1 – Gr IV
Sep 14th – 20th Thur – Wed Mid term exams for Gr I – V;Half yearly for Gr VI – VIII
Oct 7th Sat PTM 3 for Gr I – IV
Oct 14th Sat PTM 4 for Gr V-VIII
Dec 11 th – 16th Mon – Sat II Term Evaluation PP1 & PP2 ; Periodical Test – 2 For Gr I – VIII
Jan-18   Sat PTM 5 for Gr I – IV
Jan-18 27th Sat PTM  6 for Gr V – VIII; & PP1 & 2
Mar-18 3rd – 14th   FINAL TERM Exam starts for Gr I-VIII & 3rd term for PP1 & II
Mar-18 17th Sat Graduation Day of Pre-Primary
Mar-18 22nd Thurs PTM for Grade 1,3,5
Mar-18 23rd Fri PTM for 2,3,6
Mar-18 24th Sat PTM for PP1 & PP2, and Grade 7 & 8
Mar-18 26th Mon School Reopen’s for Gr I – IX
Mar-18 28th Wed School Reopen’s for PP1 & PP2