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Pre Primary – High School

At SVS, Our Scholastic schedule includes everything we do inside the classroom. Our perspective on education, reflected in our curriculum, is that we are not filling a bucket, but rather lighting a fire. No school can possibly teach everything that there is to be learned. Thus, we endeavor to teach students to “learn how to learn” and most importantly to love learning as a passionate pursuit in and of itself.

Tentative Scholastic schedule For AY 2018-19 ([Tentative off -Subject to change]

12-04-2019 12-04-2019 Last Working day for Students for Gr PP1 & 2
13-04-2019 13-04-2019 Last Working day for Students for Gr 1-8
27-04-2019 27-04-2019 Last Working day for Students for Gr 9-10
10-06-2019 10-06-2019 School Reopens for Students PP1-X
13-07-2019 28-07-2019 Perodic Test - 1 for Grade PP1 - X
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