Parent’s Review

Mrs. Rajalakshmi

20150815_124237 copyIt was with an apprehension that I put my child Shravan in Sunflower Vedic School. It was a new school, the first year for them, and for my child. I had my doubts about the faculty, the infrastructure and  the performance.

But today, I can happily say that the decision to put my child in your school was the best thing I could do for him. The vast campus filled with greenery is indeed a welcome sight. The serene and calm atmosphere was something that cannot be found currently in any other school. The various sports facilities and extra – curricular activities are another plus. The various art forms like dance, music, painting offers the child to explore his interests and talents.

The academic part is one of the best you could find. The individual attention of the teachers on the students and their care is like a boon.

The yagnas, the vedic classes is helping the child to know the values and essence of our culture and has helped in becoming an organized and a disciplined child.

The overall feel of the school is good and is indeed a home away from home for the child.

Regards, Mrs.Rajalakshmi

Mrs. Naveen Chandra

20150823_180353After visiting many schools,I knew immediately that SVS was the right choice for our son as it had everything we looking for and so much more-Serene environment ,world class infrastructure amazing staff a caring community and a nurturing curriculum!!.

“SVS encourages kids to be resourceful,kind and compassionate not just intellectuals”. The first few months have been a turning point for my son. We strongly recommend Sunflower Vedic School.