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Hari Hara

We cant help everyone but everyone can help someone. Help people even when you know they cant help you back because the real joy is in giving and not in receiving.The Annual fundraiser Event HariHara was held to sow the seeds of caring and sharing within ourselves so that the future generations will join hands for a greater cause. The programme started by a Prayer by the Choir group, welcome dance by Ashlesha from PP2-A, which was followed by Opening of the Games & Food Stalls to one and all. Everyone had a great evening reliving their childhood days playing ancient and forgotten games of the 70\'s and 80\\\'s. This year event theme was infused with a spiritual touch as you as this period all over the country is observed as the auspicious Kartika Month. Prayers are offered, diyas are lit near Tulsi Rudraksh and Usri trees during dawn and dusk. Another age old tradition was to hang, lit lamps on trees called as Akash Deep. We in vedic gave our parents and students an opportunity to float some diyas in the water body provided here or opt to release an Akash Deep in the sky.\\r\\n\\r\\nGrade 1 to 4 recited the powerful Shiva Lingashtakam , Grade 5-9 sang the Narayana Stotaram who together infused and energised the event. Parents were captivated and many were seen moisteyed watching them recite. Thank You for sharing our vision of \"No one has ever become poor by giving, sharing what we have for the betterment of humankind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.

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