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Vision of Sunflower Vedic School
A School open for one and all stands for the freedom to explore, discover, create and to grow holistically. The Sanskrit word Veda – Knowledge, wisdom is derived from the root word VID – to know. The Upanishads says ‘Tama soma jyothirgamaya’– it means free us from darkness to light. Backed by strong values and commitments towards nurturing our future generations and empowering them with Knowledge wisdom and infusing the 5 senses of discrimination is our mission. Our vision is to imbibe, ingrain, each child to learn, seek, reach and quest for knowledge to face and live to the maximum and beyond.
Which Education Board is the school affiliated to? Is it the right choice for my child? How does it compare with other Boards like State and ICSE?
The School is affiliated to the central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE).It is national education board and follows a syllabus developed by NCERT (National Council for Educational Research Training).This association ensures
  • A well-researched curriculum which gets revised based on changing needs of children and society.
  • Good Supporting instructional materials for the teachers at various levels of school education
CBSE conducts two key entrance exams JEE (Engineering) and NEET (Medical) for admission to professional institutions across the country and hence our students will benefit by studying a curriculum which form the syllabus for these exams
What is the USP of the school?
A balanced IQ (Intelligent Quotient) +EQ (Emotional Quotient) +SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is an SVS child.
In what way is SVS different from other schools?

The School will not only concentrate on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of a child, but integrate academic excellence coupled with training to induce the right attitudinal change.

A student will be a critical thinker and problem solver who: develops skills in setting goals, exhibits skills to locate and appropriately use information, engage in self-reflection, demonstrate an ability to accept change, and develope higher-order thinking skills.

Anyother features of Sunflower Vedic School?
Sunflower Vedic School is well layed out and spread over 12 ½ acres in scenic environs surrounded with over more than 600 trees.
What are the timings of the school and office, how many days does the school work in a week?
School working Hours for primary and Middle school:-6 Days a Week. (8.30 a.m-3.20 p.m) School working Hours for (LKG-UKG):-5 Days a Week. (8.30 a.m-3.20 p.m) Office Timings:-6 Days a week. (8.30 a.m-4.30 p.m)
Do you provide transport?
Yes, transportation facilities are available for the students. A large fleet of A/C buses ply from and to all major locations across the city. The buses are equipped with regulation safety measures . Members of the staff are always present in the buses to ensure safety of the children.
What are the Grades for which admissions can be sought?
Admissions can be sought for pre-primary to High School .
What is the Student Strength in a Class?
28 Students in each class.
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