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Saritha Kumar

A Dynamic Leader, a Visionary, the Unwavering Beacon, the Irreplaceable, the Versatile, an Exceptional Motivator and the list goes on…. With her contagious smile and oodles of energy, Dr.Ms. Saritha Kumar (A postgraduate in M.A (Eng lit.), B.ed, Ayurvedic Doctor and MD (A.M)(Ph.d). The Founder Principal of Sunflower Vedic School, envisages with an aim to provide holistic and progressive education. She ensures that the school provides high quality learning in a very scientifically structured, positive and caring environment that meets every child’s need. She supports the teachers, is reflective and provides high standards for performance. She also creates a sense of trust, an environment where teamwork is valued and has a commitment to the organization.

With her gut instinct, empathy and experience help to bring reformation, restoration and rejuvenation to the school and its staff. She instills confidence and autonomy and personal ownership of the teaching task in the staff so everyone is working for the same goal – the quality education of every child.

Her belief in the importance and benefits of well-rounded, accomplished children is actively demonstrated in her strong support of music/artistic programs, intramural and inter school sports activities.

Extremely spiritual in her outlook believes that human virtues is above all religions. As a Physician, she renders her services in treating the sick and the ailing, and also guides them to practice yoga and holds regular meditation campus. With her undaunted services, she excels in courage, fortitude and patience. An eloquent speaker whose discourses are most suitable for the modern minds of today.

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