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Executive Director – Ms. Sangeetha Raghuram

The invaluable, an Unassuming, solution focused Ms. Sangeetha Raghuram – M.A, M.B.A, B.Ed believes education is a partnership with students, teachers, parents and administration. She is supportive and enthusiastic about the achievements and innovations of staff and students. Her positive approach to learning and to challenges fosters a ‘can do’ philosophy within the school and enhances a positive school climate and learning atmosphere. She displays and promotes original thinking and creativity.

Well-versed in a variety of teaching strategies and acts as a resource for staff in curriculum development. In addition she remains current on leading edge technology and how it can be incorporated into the classroom to enhance curriculum content and the learning environment. She brings out the best in the entire faculty by making marginal teachers better and better teachers the best. By frequent classroom visits she ensures that the high standard she sets for curriculum development and delivery are being met consistently throughout the school. She clearly states goals and expectations for Students, Staff and Parents. She leads teaching and support teams and delegates sensitively, yet firmly and effectively with students’ issues and their potential impact on achievement.

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