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To Strive not to stagnate, but create path breaking concepts/stream hone and explore new paths will help children evolve and race ahead of time.

Let us help them leave their footprints embedded, ensconced safely, securely in the sands of time, for education is life, educates us for life, for life itself is education.

– Sadguru Sai Kumar Babaji

Even the best curriculum and more perfect syllabus remains dead unless “quickened into life by the right method of teaching”. The syllabus incorporates an inspiring teaching and proactive learning style with a higher degree of creative thinking, analyzing and tuned presentation skills. Self expression through hands-on mind-in activities will help a child reach beyond and raise the bar by competing with one’s own self and set goals for against themselves.

SVS adopts and adapts the philosophy of CBSE through a skill based curriculum and is content driven. The examination and evaluation processes are very dynamic to keep pace with the changing trends of research in education. We continuously work on innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student centered systems.

Their units of inquiry approach learning by incorporating perspectives from a variety of fields of knowledge : Scientific, Mathematical, Technological, Artistic, Musical, Linguistics, Self assessment, Historical, Cultural and Social , to name a few, to reach a new understanding and to become a life long learner by documenting all these processes.

The curriculum is centered and structured around 5 interrelated disciplinary themes :
The Written curriculum
The Taught curriculum
The Learned curriculum
The I curriculum
The We curriculum

With the explosion in the world of knowledge and technological advancements, exposure to computers and multimedia, technology has become imperative. To ensure that children are fully equipped to face the challenge of the future, the school provides ultra modern network computer cells where students get the opportunity to operate and handle work stations independently. We hope to produce techno savvy individuals who can vie confidently with their global counter parts.

To enhance the learning ability and skill and to impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school will have large modern laboratory systems for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English.

Sunflower Vedic School provides ample opportunities and maximum exposure to the children through carefully crafted scholastic and co-scholastic activities which include games, sports, personal care, attention, affection and comprehensive academic monitoring, which inspire children to perform to their optimum. Alongside a high standard of academic environment, there is a continuous trust towards literacy and musical events. Special emphasis is laid upon Yoga and Meditation.

Finishing classes will be conducted by experts with emphasis on total personality development, social etiquette, confidence building, body language, art of dressing besides understanding family values, discipline at home and school, handling peer presence and the art of saying NO.

Counselling, wherein experts guide them in various fields of vocation which they can adopt at a later stage.

Eminent people from various walks of life will be invited to provide the students not only with a better and clearer perception, regarding career choices but also help them enhance their confidence to face the world that awaits their skills for life.

We shall together make all children reflective thinkers, caring risk takers, balanced communicators, opened minded inquirers, knowledgeable and privileged souls.

Technology and the visual world are obvious realities that our teacher can embrace in the class room but the teacher’s role is still considered all important for we feel that no amount of technology can replace a teacher with works of encouragement and advice that can transform lines and change perception like no software can.

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